Research and Analysis

We use our collected data to drive and measure every step in our process from your campaign strategy to the on page SEO, our research can enable us to discover hidden gems. From this data we are able to gather crucial information about your customer’s behaviour, market trends, competitor’s analytics and areas in need of improvement. We analyse all our gathered data and live data to provide you with a relevant insight into your business analytics which we can act on.

As well as creating business profiles we also create personalised business videos. With YouTube being the second biggest search engine, we have an advanced technique to rank your video on top of


After extensive research we have established a strategy for discovering powerful niches and high traffic low competition keywords


Once we have identified your competitors we gather their general metrics which will form the backbone of your strategy.


By diving deep into your current analytics we can establish trends, customer locations, and their behaviour to aid your SEO strategy.


A SWOT analysis is key for creating the groundwork for your campaign, we discover opportunities which we will exploit in your camapign.