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When to Post on Social Media

We’re guessing that, if you’re involved in business in any way, you have social media accounts set up. 90% of businesses do. For the commercial returns social media can bring, that number should really be 100%.

We’re also guessing that, as a diligent and intelligent businessperson, you post on your accounts regularly. The crucial question, though, is whether or not you’re posting at the right time.

Your content can be of the highest quality, but if there’s nobody around to see it, then what’s the point? You can write the greatest speech in the world, but if you go and deliver it at Speakers’ Corner at 3am, nobody’s going to hear it. If you deliver it at 1pm, then you’re in business.

In this article we’re going to focus on the two most commercially viable social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. If you want advice on others, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, the Lagoon Search team are always here to help.


When Should You Post on Facebook?

Facebook has excellent built-in analytical tools, called ‘Insights’. Along with plenty of other interesting stats, you can easily find out when your business’s Fans are most active.

To access Insights, click on the little downwards arrow in the top-right of the Facebook homepage, and select your business’s Page. You should see this Overview screen:


Click on Posts, on the left-hand side, and you’ll see this screen:

Et voila! The very first screen you’re shown is ‘When Your Fans Are Online’. This gives you a fantastic daily and hourly breakdown of when the people who’ve liked your page are most active.

In the example shown, you can see that almost nobody sees the business’s posts between 2am and 6am. Posting at these hours is basically a waste of time. By contrast, Fans are extremely active between 6pm and 10pm, providing a much better window in which to post.


When Should You Post on Twitter?

Twitter does have in-built analytics, but they lag far behind Facebook’s. Amongst other deficiencies, they don’t allow you to see when your followers are most active.

Fear not! Plenty of third-party tools have sprung up to fill this gap. Our favourite, here at Lagoon Search, is called Followerwonk (stop snickering at the back of the class).

It’s incredibly easy to use. Head over here, and click on Analyze:


Enter the Twitter username of your business (@businessname), and click ‘Do it’. Scroll down the results page, and you’ll see this:

It might not give you daily results, like Facebook, but it still charts the most important thing: how active your followers are by the hour.


Ever wondered why your posts aren’t hitting home, however much time you spend on them, however many strategies you try? You could simply have been posting at the wrong time.

Use the right analytical tools, adjust your post times accordingly, and you might just provide the spark your social media needed.

Social media is like comedy: it’s all about the timing.

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