Facebook Ads Whitelabel

Looking for a partner

to manage your client campaigns

with real research and insights?

Have you got Small and Medium B2C Business clients that need a campaign built from start to scale?

Are you a SME that needs a partner to scale their current in-house team?

At Lagoon, we understand that finding a whitelabel partner can be challenging. We have spent the time to handcraft a service that your clients will love and a fully transparent partnership.

Our team will take time and care into your client’s campaign to ensure they get the best return on investment.

All our Whitelabel work is calculated on a custom pricing basis

We Offer:


We develop a personalised strategy designed to reach your ideal target audience

Growth Hack

We rapidly grow your social presence on all social platforms organically.

Targeted Ads

We laser target your Facebook ads, to reach your perfect ideal audience.

Brand Story

We develop a creative, unique brand story to be displayed on all of your platforms.